The Best Positions For Mature Sex

Mature women might already have a few sex positions in their repertoire, but sometimes it’s worth trying out newer options to increase pleasure and reach orgasm faster. Whether you’re looking for classic favorites with a twist or something completely fresh, here are the best positions to try for mature sex:

A variation on classic missionary position, this seated sex position is great for people with back pain.

The Best Positions For Mature Sex

1. Cowgirl

Cowgirl (also known as girl-on-top and rider) is a classic sex position that puts one partner on top to control the pace and depth of penetration. It’s especially pleasurable for women because it can stimulate the clitoris and G-spot and is more likely to lead to orgasm.

The person on top can grip onto the bottom partner’s thighs for more support or use an external sex toy like a vibrator. This erotic sex position is also great for couples who want to switch up sexual dynamics, as it can encourage dominance and submission in both partners.

It’s important to stay in this position for only as long as it feels comfortable and safe. Staying in this position for too long can cause pain and pressure on the knees and other joints.

2. Side-by-Side

Everyone has a different body, but there are some things that most older people have in common: pain or discomfort during intercourse, difficulty reaching orgasm and pressure on the backs and joints. By customizing and changing your sexual position, you can overcome these challenges and enjoy orgasm again.

One of the best positions for mature sex is side-by-side, a version of missionary. If you have back problems, you can use a chair and pillow for support to make this sexy move even more enjoyable. Added benefits include greater intimacy and the ability to clench your thighs tighter, making it easier to reach orgasm. You can also try a version of the 69 position where your partner enters from behind. This can help relieve back and hip pain while offering close access to the anal area.

3. Back-to-Back

The cuddling position known as spooning is often used post-coitally, but Schwartz suggests making it the main event. She says a man can easily penetrate his partner from behind in this position. “She can just put her back against him and he can penetrate, or she can lift a leg so that he can enter,” she says.

It’s also good for people with back pain, as it places minimal pressure on their hips and lower spine. A variation of this position, called the missionary 69, involves the woman kneeling while the man enters her in a doggie-style way. It stimulates the G spot, which makes it more pleasurable than traditional 69 positions that can cause back pain for some people. For more information on these and other sexy positions, check out Hanne Blank’s book Big Big Love or Dr. Ruthie’s videos on sex positions that don’t put pressure on backs or joints.

4. Top-to-Bottom

The desire to get it on doesn’t disappear with age. But as people age they might have to adjust their usual sexual positions to ensure they are getting pleasure, reaching orgasm and avoiding strain on backs and joints.

One position that may be good for older women is the top-to-bottom, where a woman crouch or lies on her partner while straddling his hips to allow him to penetrate her from behind. This position stimulates the G-spot and is pleasurable for both partners.

A variation on this is missionary with an assist, which involves a pillow under the woman’s lower back that raises her pelvis and allows for easier penetration. This can be especially beneficial for women who experience pain on insertion, such as those suffering from sciatica.

5. Cowboy

Getting older doesn’t have to mean that your sexual pleasure has to take a backseat. With a few minor adjustments, even classic sex positions like missionary and cowgirl can be adapted for mature sex – and make the experience all the more sensual.

What it is: In this position, one partner lies on their back as the other climbs on top of them and faces them to straddle them. This allows for oral sex and gives the penetrating partner easy access to caress and stimulate their sex organs. It’s also a great position for deep penetration and G-spot stimulation.

It may require a bit more agility than some of the other positions but is worth it for the intense sensations and close contact that it can offer. A pillow placed under the receiving partner’s hips can help them stay stable and comfortable.